About IMP

IMP Inc stands for Integrated Multimedia Solutions,
which represents a commitment to delivering the highest quality products required by the multimedia market.

Korean-style speaker created by the collaboration of the best infrastructure and overseas technology produced

IMP Corporation is the largest sound equipment company in South Korea, systemized to handle all production processes on its own. We run KOOON AUDIO, a professional audio brand. KOOON’s “K” means Korean pro audio, and “ON[ɔ̃]” means human, “OO” connects K and ON and has the meaning of a link, which is intended to represent KOOON's will to provide high-quality and outstanding products to Korean sound consumers.

KOOON is a Korean speaker brand that has been reborn through the best infrastructure and cooperation with overseas technologies. The sound of the speaker embodying the craftsmanship was selected and adopted based on the results of a review of units from various manufacturers, which can maximize its sophisticated characteristics. In addition, the only 3D CNC machine in Korea allows precise and sophisticated enclosures to be made freely, allowing the best sound selection. KOOON's technical staff, who have a lot of know-how about analog networks, and overseas technologies have developed a full-range speaker that maximizes clarity through collaboration. Currently, most of the speaker technology in the global acoustic industry is leveled to a certain level. Korea has reached the level of joining the ranks, and the KOOON brand has achieved a level equivalent to that. IMP Corporation will continue to develop and improve products suitable as a Korean brand, and strive to provide reasonable prices and benefits to Korean pro audio consumers.

Thank you.